Ginza KOJI CORNER "Caramel Chocolat Enrobe


Caramel Chocolat Enrobe" Caramel Chocolat Enrobe will be available at Ginza KOJI CORNER stores from January 27 (Fri.) until late March, and will also be available at the Ginza KOJI CORNER online store starting January 27 (Fri.) at 10 a.m.


Chocolat Enrobe To meet the season's growing demand for rich sweets, the company has developed "Caramel Chocolat Enrobe," a trinity of caramel, chocolate, and cookies that creates a luxurious experience. This product has gained popularity every year, and will be available again this year for a limited time in response to popular demand.

Caramel and chocolate sandwiched between cookies

Enrobe (enrover) is a French word meaning "to wrap or cover," and refers to the process of coating cookies with chocolate and other ingredients. The rich caramel is melt-in-your-mouth couverture chocolate wrapped in rich caramel and sandwiched between crispy, savory cookies, creating an exquisite harmony of the three ingredients. Recommended as an accompaniment to tea time or as a gift for Valentine's Day.

The price is 810 yen for a set of 4 or 1,620 yen for a set of 8 (tax included).

There are no stores in Fukui, Kyoto and Tottori prefectures.