Ginza Sembikiya "Strawberry Tensho Fair".
Strawberry Tensho Fair (All images are from the official Ginza Sembikiya website)

Ginza Sembikiya

Strawberry Amaterasu Fair

Ginza Sembikiya and Patisserie Ginza Sembikiya announced on their official website that "Strawberry Amaterasu Fair" will be held. The "Amaterasu Roll" and "Amaterasu Parfait" using "Amaterasu" strawberries, which are characterized by their rich sweetness and soft flesh, will be sold in limited quantities from January 23 to 29, 2023.

Ginza Sembikiya "Strawberry Tensho Fair".



"Amaterasu Roll" is a roll cake with strawberry cream rolled into it and decorated with "Amaterasu". According to Ginza Sembikiya, the rich and juicy sweetness of Amateru is one of the most exceptional flavors among strawberries. Fresh strawberries, elegantly sweet whipped cream and custard cream, and moist sponge dough are well matched with each other.

Stores selling this product are: Ginza Sembikiya Ginza Honten Fruit Shop (1F), Ginza Sembikiya Shinjuku Store (Keio Department Store, Noren-gai), Ginza Sembikiya Tsukiji Store, Patisserie Ginza Sembikiya Ecute Akabane Store, New Style Ginza Sembikiya Roppongi Hills Store, Patisserie Ginza Sembikiya Tokyo Gift Palette Store, Patisserie Ginza Sembikiya ×x Hanazono Bantou, Chapeau Funabashi store.

The price is 972 yen (tax included, same below).


Parfait "Amateru Parfait" is a dish that fills your mouth with the rich sweetness and fresh aroma unique to "Amateru". You can enjoy various tastes and textures with sweet and sour strawberry sorbet, crunchy white chocolate fiantine, and smooth vanilla ice cream.

It is available only at the fruit parlor on the 2nd floor of the main Ginza Sembikiya Ginza store.

Price: 3,080 yen.

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" "Amaterasu" is the brand name given to the strawberries selected by Ginza Sembikiya among the "Yarin" strawberry variety born in Saitama Prefecture in 2016. This is a rare strawberry with a limited number of producers and a small distribution volume due to its soft flesh.