Takakuracho Coffee "Sky Berry Sweets Fair
Sky Berry Sweets Fair (All images source: Takakuracho Coffee official website)

Takakuracho Coffee Sky

berry Sweets Fair It has been announced on the official website that "Skyberry Sweets Fair" will be held at Takakuracho Coffee. The menu includes "2 Kinds of Strawberry Ricotta Pancake," "Skyberry Ice Cake," and "Skyberry Strawberry Daifuku.

Two kinds of Strawberry Ricotta


"Two kinds of Strawberry Ricotta Pancakes" will be available in 2023, and will be topped with another type of Japanese strawberries for comparison.

The other type of Japanese strawberries that can be combined with SkyBerry will vary depending on the region. In Nagoya Kita, Nagoya Toyoyama, Kanazawa Sakurada, Toyama Iino, Toyama Kurose, Takaoka, Nishitaga, and Sendai Shinko stores, "Tochiaika" is used, and in other stores, "Benihoppe" is used.

The price is 1,870 yen (tax included).

Takakuracho Coffee "Two Kinds of Strawberry Ricotta Pancakes
Two kinds of strawberry ricotta pancakes


Iced Cake "Skyberry Iced Cake" is Takakuracho Coffee's popular iced cake with seasonal skyberries. It is just the right size to accompany a cup of coffee or after a meal. The price is 700 yen.

Takakuracho Coffee "Skyberry Iced Cake
Sky Berry Iced Cake

Skyberry Strawberry


"Skyberry Strawberry Daifuku" is a well-known strawberry daifuku made with Skyberry. You can enjoy the combination of the sweetness of the bean paste and the moderate tartness of the skyberry. The price is 700 yen.

Takakuracho Coffee "Skyberry Strawberry Daifuku
Skyberry Strawberry Daifuku