Famima's limited "Yukimi-dakkuhu-like bread" - Reproduction of Lotte's "Yukimi-dakkuhu" in bread.

Famima Limited "Yuk

imi Dakkou-like Bread" "Yukimi Dakkou-like Bread" will be available at Famima on January 24, 2023.

This year, the texture is more pliable!

The "Yukimi-dakkuhu-like Bread" is a bread that reproduces Lotte's "Yukimi-dakkuhu". The "Yukimi Dakkuhu-like Bread" is a combination of gyuhi, which is designed to have a plump texture, and vanilla-flavored whipped cream to express the flavor of "Yukimi Dakkuhu".

Famima's limited "Yukimi-dakkuhu-like bread" - Reproduction of Lotte's "Yukimi-dakkuhu" in bread.

The first appearance of the "Yukimi Dakkuhu-like Bread" will be in September 2021. The new product features further improvements over the original version. Specifically, the amount of gyuhi has been doubled to improve the bouncy "plump" texture. In addition, while the previous version had the filling "sandwiched" in the bread, this year's version has the filling "wrapped" in the bread to make it look more like the original "Yukimi-dakufu".

Famima's limited "Yukimi-dakkuhu-like bread" reproduces Lotte's "Yukimi-dakkuhu" in bread.
Reference image: "Yukimi Dakkuhu-like bread" released in September 2021, with the filling "sandwiched" in the bread.


bread Sales

price: 150 yen (including tax)
Launch date: January 24, 2023
Sales outlets: Approximately 16,200 FamilyMart stores nationwide, excluding Okinawa Prefecture

Campaign to receive a free voucher for "Yukimi-dappuku-like bread"

with the purchase of "Yukimi-dappuku" Ice cream When you purchase "Yukimi Dakkuhu" ice cream, a free voucher for "Yukimi Dakkuhu-like bread" will be printed on the receipt.

Campaign to receive a free voucher for "Yukimi-dakkuhu-like bread" when you buy "Yukimi-dakkuhu".

*One free voucher will be printed for each purchase of an eligible product.

Campaign product, voucher issuance period, and voucher exchange period

Eligible product: "Yukimi Dakkuhu" 162 yen
*Price differs in some areas.
Ticketing period: January 24, 2023 to January 30, 2023
Redemption period: January 31, 2023 to February 6, 2023