Lipton "Lipton Sakura Tea Teabag


Sakura Tea Tea Bags The popular seasonal flavored tea "Lipton Sakura Tea 12 Bags" is now available from the tea brand "Lipton". 12 bags per box, priced at 300 yen (excluding tax).


Sakura Tea The popular "Lipton Sakura Tea 12-Bag" flavored tea series, which is released seasonally only every year, is a refreshing authentic black tea perfect for spring with a slightly gentle aroma and flavor similar to the familiar cherry blossom rice cake that Japanese people are accustomed to. The pyramid-shaped teabags are designed to allow the tea leaves to easily dance around inside the teabag, which allows the tea leaves to spread quickly and easily to bring out the tea's original aroma and flavor, as well as the flavor of cherry blossoms.

In addition, the packaging has a cute design with pretty blooming cherry blossoms. The gorgeous pink color is sure to bring a sense of bright spring to your tea time when you want to take a breather. How about spending a special time with your loved ones by adding a cup of spring-like flavored tea to your tea time, and let the conversation blossom?

The "Lipton Sakura Tea 12 Teabags" can


enjoyed not only as a straight tea, but also as a richer Sakura milk tea by adding milk to your favorite tea. With a simple arrangement, it can also be used as a sweet drink that is full of spring flavor.