FamilyMart "Milk puff made from 100% Hokkaido milk

FamilyMart "Milk Puffs made with 100% Hokkaido Milk"

FamilyMart will sell six new types of cream puffs created by store staff nationwide in each region from October 2022. At the same time, FamilyMart held a "Regional Cream Puff Competition! The representative product for the East Japan area, "Milk Puff with 100% Hokkaido Milk," which sold the best in the "Cream Puff King Contest" held at the same time, will go on sale at FamilyMart stores nationwide on January 24 (Tue.).



Made with 100% Hokkaido Milk FamilyMart is actively implementing initiatives aimed at creating "exciting stores" where store staff participate in product creation and selection, and in 2022, the company solicited product ideas for cream puffs from store staff throughout Japan. The total number of applications received was 5,852, approximately 1.8 times more than the "Souffle Pudding Festival" held in 2021.

Six types of cream puffs representing each area were selected from the entries and will be released in October 2022. The "Regional Cream Puff Competition" will be held to determine the king of cream puffs. The "Cream Puff Competition" was held to determine the king of cream puffs in each area.

This time, "Milk Puffs with 100% Hokkaido Milk," the representative of East Japan area with the best sales, was launched nationwide. During the sales period, the cream puffs were extremely popular, receiving many comments such as, "The taste is not too sweet and refreshing," and "The dough and cream match each other and are more delicious than I had imagined.

FamilyMart "Milk Puffs made from 100% Hokkaido milk

The milk used for the pure white milk custard cream is 100% made in Hokkaido. The dough is topped with coated sugar, allowing you to enjoy the gentle sweetness of milk. The price is 158 yen (tax included).

Some stores may not carry this product.