Mr. Donut "Yoroizuka-style Danish chocolate doughnut".

Mr. Donut "Yoroizuka-style Danish chocolate doughnuts" (all two

types) As the second phase of " misdo meets Toshi Yoroizuka " jointly developed by Mr. Donut and Toshihiko Arumozuka (Chef Arumozuka), "Yoroizuka-style Danish chocolate doughnuts" (Banana and The second product in the "misdo meets Toshi Yoroizuka" lineup, "Yoroizuka-style Danish chocolate doughnuts" will be available for a limited time starting January 25.

The "Yoroizuka-style Danish chocolate


" is a light and crispy Danish doughnut with cocoa kneaded into the Danish chocolate doughnut. The doughnut is made in the "Yoroizuka style" to enhance the taste and appearance of the ingredients "Ecuadorian bananas" and "Italian marrons".

The "Banane," which allows you to enjoy the deliciousness of Ecuadorian bananas, is characterized by its thick banana filling. The golden topping, cocoa powder, and chocolate line are used to represent bananas. The combination of chocolate and banana, which go well together, is enhanced by the "Yoroizuka style".

The "Marron Caramel Salé" combines smooth whipped cream made with Italian marrons and salted caramel cream, topped with a textured topping and sprinkled with sugar for an elegant appearance that further brings out the deliciousness of the ingredients.


Danish chocolate doughnut sandwiched with Ecuadorian banana filling and chocolate whip. Golden topping, cocoa powder, and chocolate lines are used to represent the banana.

Mr. Donut "Yoroizuka-style Danish chocolate doughnut".

Priced at 248 yen for To go and 253 yen for eat-in (both including tax).

Marron Caramel Salé

Danish chocolate doughnut sandwiched between whipped Italian marron and salted caramel cream. Candied almonds, roasted pistachios, and sugar add an elegant finishing touch.

Mr. Donut "Yoroizuka-style Danish chocolate doughnut".

The price is 248 yen for To go and 253 yen for eat-in (both including tax).

Yoroizuka-style Danish Chocolate Doughnuts" (2 types in total) Sales period and stores

: January 25 to late February (sales will be phased out)
Sales stores: All Mister Donut stores (excluding some stores)

Yoroizuka-style Chocolate Set

The "Triore Chocolat", "Nois de Coco", and "Pico de Coco", already available as the first


, are now available at all Mister Donut stores (excluding some stores). The first set will be available in limited quantities from January 25. The set includes four pieces of your choice from a total of six "misdo meets Toshi Yoroizuka" items, including "Nois de Coco," "Pistache," and "Mont Blanc," which are already on sale, and can be taken home in an original paper bag.

Mr. Donut "Yoroizuka-style Danish chocolate doughnut".

The price is 992 yen (tax included, To go only).