Osaka Ousho: Campaign to distribute "coupons for one more fluffy egg" to make an "egg tower" with Tenshinhan.
Campaign to distribute "coupons for one more fluffy egg".

Osaka Osho

: "One Extra Fluffy Egg Coupon

Present Campaign

" A "One Extra Fluffy Egg Coupon" will be offered to those who order any of the three types of "Fluffy Tenshindon Rice", "Fried Rice with Tenshindon Flavor", or "Fried Rice with Mapo Tenshindon Flavor" at Osaka Osho. The campaign will run from January 19 to 25, 2023.

Osaka Ohsho Fuwatoro Tamago (soft-boiled egg) 1 extra coupon Present Campaign
Commemorating the recognition of "Tenshinhan Day

You can make an "egg tower" with Tenshinhan!

According to Osaka Ohsho, Tenshindon is a Japanese-born Chinese dish that has long been a favorite in street Chinese restaurants, with the flavor of the filling and ingredients differing depending on the region and culture. Osaka Ohsho's tentsun rice has a 2.5 cm thick egg, which gives it a powerful appearance and soft texture.

October 18 has been applied for and recognized by Osaka Ohsho as "Tenshinhan Day" by the Japan Anniversary Association. To commemorate this day, a "coupon for one more soft-boiled egg" will be offered for every one-serving order of either the "Soft-boiled Tenshinhan," "Soft-boiled Tenshin Fried Rice," or "Soft-boiled Mapo Tenshinhan" for eat-in or To go.

Osaka Ousho "Tenshinhan

Osaka Ousho "Fluffy Tenshin Fried Rice
Fried rice with tenderloin

Osaka Ousho "Fluffy Tenshindon with Bean Sprouts and Bean Curd
Fluffy Bean-curd Tenshindon with Bean Sprouts

You can also receive one coupon for each order of Tenshindon set meal or set meal. Half menus and boxed lunches are not eligible.

The coupon is valid from February 1-28, 2023. There is no limit to the number of coupons that can be used at one time, so it is suggested to order every day during the period and collect 7 coupons, so that on the "Extra fluffy egg" day on February 18, an "egg tower" with 9 eggs on top will be realized.