Morozoff "Nakatsugawa Chestnut Kinton Truffles", limited to JR Nagoya Takashimaya

Morozoff "Nakatsugawa Chestnut Kinton Truffles" Limited to JR Nagoya Takashimaya

From Thursday, January 19 to Tuesday, February 14, Morozoff will sell "Nakatsugawa Chestnut Kinton Truffles" limited to JR Nagoya Takashimaya.

Nakatsugawa Chestnut Kinton


are made in Nakatsugawa, Gifu Prefecture, known as the birthplace of chestnut kinton. The simple and elegant "Kurikinton" made with only carefully selected domestic chestnuts and sugar is Nakatsugawa's representative chestnut confectionery.

The traditional "Nakatsugawa's Chestnut Kinton" meets Morozoff's chocolate and becomes an elegant truffle chocolate. You can enjoy the sweetness of the chestnuts in Nakatsugawa's chestnut kinton and the exquisite taste of the smooth chocolate.

Morozoff "Nakatsugawa Chestnut Kinton Truffles" limited to JR Nagoya Takashimaya

Prices are 1,080 yen for 4 pieces, 1,620 yen for 6 pieces, 2,592 yen for 9 pieces, and 3,456 yen for 12 pieces (excluding tax). Available at the main venue on the 10th floor of Amour du Chocolat, JR Nagoya Takashimaya 2023.

Keshi no Mi

: Truffles that allow you to enjoy the gentle taste of chestnut kinton and the unique texture of chestnuts straight from the bottle. Topped with keshi nuts.

Chestnut Kinton with


(Japanese citron) Truffle with Japanese citron and yuzu peel. The sweet and sour taste is refreshing. Made with 0.7% (0.08 g) domestically produced yuzu.

Matcha green tea

truffle: An elegant truffle that combines the bitterness of matcha green tea and the sweetness of chestnut kurikinton. It is covered with Nishio's matcha green tea. 0.1% (0.009g (0.32oz)) of Nishio's matcha tea is used.

Kinako (soybean flour) dusted

with kinako (soybean flour) The sweetness of the chestnut kinton and the aroma of kinako make a perfect match. Elegant taste covered with soybean kinako from Hokkaido. 0.5% (0.05g (0.18oz)) soybean kinako from Hokkaido.