PRONTO FAN BOOK" by Takarajimasya


by Takarajimasya

Takarajimasya will release PRONTO's first brand book "PRONTO FAN BOOK" on Wednesday, February 1.



PRONTO, which celebrates its 35th anniversary this year, is "a cafe by day and a sakaba by night. With the duality of "cafe by day and sakaba by night" as its keyword, PRONTO provides a user-friendly space where working people can stop by anytime, all day long. PRONTO FAN BOOK" is the first in Takarajimasya's "Official Fan Book of Popular Chains" series, in which PRONTO is turned into a one-theme book like a single magazine as it is.

In the magazine, Jeremy, a PRONTO-loving Instagrammer (story comedian), introduces the charms and recommended menu items of the reborn PRONTO after the rebranding in 2021. We reveal the ranking of food and drink favorites at Kissacaba, a collection of exciting menu items with a retro feel.

PRONTO FAN BOOK" by Takarajimasya

Celebrities share their love of PRONTO, including Nakagawa family member Tsuyoshi Nakagawa, who goes to PRONTO every week, and Miako Uno (AAA), who collaborated with PRONTO in 2021. The magazine also includes "PRONTO FAN VOICE," a project that introduces fans' favorite menu items and favorite points, "35 Years of PRONTO," "Interview with Product Developer," "Ranking of SNS Posts," and other substantial content.

PRONTO FAN BOOK" by Takarajimasya

The magazine's exclusive supplement is a "SPECIAL Passport" with special offers such as 500 yen for a special pasta dish and 150 yen for a cafe latte. The passport can be used repeatedly within its validity period.