Chitose's Sakura Strawberry Cake" from Tsukiji Chitose

Tsukiji Chitose

Seasonal Chitose's Sakura Strawberry M

ochi Tsukiji Chitose will sell a seasonal "Chitose's Sakura Strawberry Mochi". The release date is January 21. The price is 1,000 yen for a pack of 8. The price is 1,080 yen (tax included) for a pack of 8. The sale will end as soon as they are gone.


's Sakura Strawberry Rice Cake "Chitose's Sakura Strawberry Rice Cake" is made with sweet and sour strawberry sauce using Tochiotomi cherry trees produced in Tochigi Prefecture, wrapped in mild red bean paste with cherry blossoms, pickled cherry leaves and fresh cream, and finished with a soft rice cake with a slight vanilla flavor.

With its lovely, rounded shape and soft texture, "Chitose's Sakura Strawberry Mochi" offers a relaxing and comforting experience.

Stores selling the product are as follows

Haneda Airport Terminal 1 Tokusen Wagashikan store
Haneda Airport Terminal 2 Food Plaza store

Tsukiji Chitose

Tsukiji, the kitchen of Tokyo. In 1913, "Gokashiji Chitose" was established in this area with a deep connection to food. The company has built up a history with its reliable skills, including receiving an imperial warrant from the Imperial Household Agency. Tsukiji Chitose's confectionery is a new confectionery unique to Tsukiji, where the finest ingredients from all over Japan gather. You can enjoy the best of Tokyo's food culture in the form of sweets.