From the "Chiikawa Friends 2" Friends soft vinyl series.


Soft Vinyl

Bandai Candy Division will release "Chiikawa Friends 2" in February. The price is 385 yen per box (tax included).


Friends 2

The second version of the Twitter-popular "Chiikawa" series of the Friends soft vinyl series, with its cute adult design, is now available! The soft texture and shape unique to soft vinyl have been transformed into a cute figure of Chiikawa.

The figures are approximately 60-70mm in size and fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, and in addition to the popular "Chiikawa", "Hachiware", and "Usagi", "Otter" and "Shisa" are also included in the lineup. This series can be enjoyed not only for playing with dolls, but also as a collection. Comes with 1 piece of gum (soda flavor).

The lineup of colored soft vinyl dolls is 8 kinds in total. They are as follows

1. chiikawa
2. hachiware
3. rabbit
4. otter
5. seasar
6. chiikawa (parasite)
7. hachiware and beetle
8. rabbit and star

(C) nagano / chiikawa committee

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