COSTA×GODIVA Chocolat Latte

Launch of "COSTA×GODIVA Chocolatte"

A new product "COSTA×GODIVA Chocolatte," a collaboration between Costa Coffee and Godiva, will go on sale nationwide on January 30, 2023.

Collaboration between Europe's No. 1 café brand and premium chocolate brand

A smooth, mouthwatering café latte and a chocolate latte that lets you enjoy the taste of chocolate. The combination of roasted coffee beans and Godiva's traditional almond-roasted praline aroma brings an elegant aftertaste.

COSTA×GODIVA Chocolat Latte

Praline" is a roasted nut paste. It is a typical ingredient in Godiva and other Belgian chocolates, and adds a savory accent to the chocolate. It is said to be an excellent match with rich coffee such as Costa Coffee.

COSTA×GODIVA Chocolat Latte" uses praline flavoring (no nuts)


"COSTA×GODIVA Chocolat Latte" has the café quality that only Costa Coffee can offer and Godiva's unique attention to detail in chocolate! The packaging is the result of this collaboration between the two companies.

To make it easy to recognize the collaboration between the two brands, the packaging features the two brand logos on a textured background that expresses Costa Red, the brand color of Costa Coffee, and the smooth taste of chocolate.

COSTA×GODIVA Chocolat Latte


Calories, Volume and Price

COSTA×GODIVA Chocolatte has 57 kcal and contains 260 ml of chocolate, with a suggested retail price of 278 yen (excluding tax).