Bandai Candy Division "Chi Kawa Cookie Charm Cotton 2

Chii-Kawa Cookie Charm Cotto


Bandai Candy Division will sell Chii-Kawa Cookie Charm Cotto 2, to be released in March 2023. Priced at 275 yen per bag (tax included).

Bandai Candy Division "Chi Kawa Cookie Charm Cotton 2

From the popular "Chii-Ka" series, whose anime began airing in 2022, comes a second charm with a ball chain featuring an icing cookie motif! The cookies are lightly colored like real cookies and are made to look delicious and cookie-like. In addition to the popular "Chiikawa", "Hachiware" and "Usagi", "Momonga", "Kurimanju", "Otter" and "Shisa" are also available. Comes with 1 piece of gum (soda flavor).

Size is approx. 50mm x 50mm x 5mm. 16 kinds in total (one of them is rare). The lineup of mascot charms is as follows

1. Cheeka
2. Hachiware
3. Rabbit
4. Momonga
5. Kurimanju
6. Otter
7. Ceasar
8. Anko
9. Cheeka (flower)
10. Hachiware (flower)
11. Rabbit (flower)
12. Hachiware and rabbit
13. Kurimanju and Ceasar
14. Cheeka and Hachiware
15. Cheeka and beetle
16.[Rare] Nakayoshi

(C)nagano / chiikawa committee