EpPRONTO Okinawa Brown Sugar Fair

EPRONTO Okinawa Brown Sug

ar Fair "Okinawa Brown Sugar Fair" will be held at EPRONTO for a limited time. The period of implementation is from January 16 to February 28.

Focusing on Okinawa Prefecture's natural sweetener "brown sugar," a new "Okinawa Brown Sugar Cafe Latte Base" has been developed. Just by mixing it with milk, you can enjoy the gentle taste of café latte at home. In the limited-time Okinawa Brown Sugar Fair, two types of drinks using the "Cafe Latte Base" and "Okinawa Brown Sugar Roll Cake," which has a gentle taste that will never get old, will be sold at après-sale stores nationwide.

The "Okinawa Brown Sugar Cream Latte" is a brown sugar latte made with aPRONTO's original Okinawa brown sugar latte base, topped with whipped cream and brown sugar syrup made from 100% Okinawa brown sugar. The subtle sweetness and rich aroma of the brown sugar can be enjoyed.

EpPRONTO "Okinawa Brown Sugar Cream Latte

The "Okinawa Brown Sugar Roll Cake" is an original brown sugar roll cake with a generous amount of brown sugar made from 100% Okinawa brown sugar kneaded into the batter and cream.

EpPRONTO "Okinawa Brown Sugar Roll Cake

Other new products will be available for a limited time only, including "Okinawa Brown Sugar Latte" with the deep and mellow taste of brown sugar, and the original "Okinawa Brown Sugar Cafe Latte Base" made with après coffee beans and 100% Okinawa brown sugar at the peddler.

Prices for each are as follows.

Okinawa brown sugar latte base 1,200 yen (tax included, same below)
・ Okinawa brown sugar cream latte M size 455 yen
・ Okinawa brown sugar roll cake 495 yen
・ Okinawa brown sugar latte 400 yen