First Kitchen 45th Anniversary Commemorative Project: App members only distribution of "Flavored Potatoes L-Size Half-Price Coupon!

First Kitchen Half-Price Potato Coupon

Wendy's First Kitchen and First Kitchen will be celebrating their 45th anniversary with a special offer. A 50% off coupon for the original flavored "Flavored Potatoes" will be distributed exclusively to app members. The offer will be implemented for 7 days only, from January 16 to 22.

Coupon for app

members only A 50% off coupon for 180 yen (including tax) will be distributed for Wendy's First Kitchen and Fast Kitchen app members only, instead of the Flavored Potatoes L size 360 yen (including tax).


original flavored "Fl

avored Potatoes" Flavored Potatoes have been sold since December 1996. To date, 129 flavors have been sold. The potatoes are a natural style with skin that brings out the true flavor of the potato, making them crispy on the outside and crunchy on the inside! The potatoes are crispy on the outside and crunchy on the inside, making them a perfect match for the flavors. Currently, five flavors are available, including a limited reissue of "Basil" flavored fries.

The participating stores are as follows

All Wendy's First Kitchen/Fast Kitchen stores (excluding Tokyo Racecourse and Nakayama Racecourse stores)

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