Yoneya "SPY×FAMILY Pi-Nattsu monaka

SPY x FAMILY Pi-Nattsu


Yoneya will start pre-sale of "SPY x FAMILY Pi-Nattsu Monaka" at some retail stores mainly in Chiba area on January 17. The package includes 4 pieces of Pi-Nattsu monaka and an original random acrylic charm (7 kinds in total). The price is 1,880 yen (tax included).

Peanutsu monaka

SPY×FAMILY Collaboration

The popular product "Peanutsu monaka" is now available in a package featuring Anya from the TV anime "SPY×FAMILY". SPY x FAMILY PINATSU monaka" was created because Anya's favorite food is "PINATSU". The cute looking peanut shell shaped monaka is a delight to the palate, and the flavor of Pinatsu spreads in your mouth. The sweetened peanut inside is also just the right amount of softness.

Yoneya "SPY×FAMILY Pi-Nattsu monaka

The product is also packaged in an original package, and inside the box is an original acrylic charm in the shape of a Pi-Nattsu (7 types in total), which is enclosed at random.

(C) Tatsuya Endo / Shueisha, SPY x FAMILY Production Committee