House Foods to release "Fluce" (thick mango guava).

New "FLUECE" Thick Mango Guava

House Foods will release "FLUECE" Thick Mango Guava on Jan. 16. The release date is January 16. This new product contains mango pulp and guava puree, and is a fruit cake with a rich, fruity taste. The product weighs 150 grams and is priced at 209 yen (excluding tax).

This is the first time that guava ingredients have been used in a


product. The flavor of guava and the richness of mango give this FLUCE a tropical feel. Just by mixing it with milk, you can enjoy the "pruny and fruity" texture.

When developing this product, it was difficult to find the right balance of guava and mango flavors. While the two tropical fruits go well together, it was difficult to find the right balance between the two, and many prototypes were made to find the best balance between the guava and mango flavors.

The arrangement of "Pancake Sauce" shown on the back of the package is as delicious as eating at a Hawaiian café, and is the development staff's favorite recipe out of all the possible arrangements.