Fruits "Peach Muscat" from House Foods.

House Foods will release a


"Fruche" [Peach Muscat]. The product will go on sale on January 16. It will be available for sale on January 16th, with a 200g (7.05oz) serving size and a suggested retail price of 209 yen (excluding tax).

The "FLUCE" [Peach


"FLUCE" [Peach Muscat] has the refreshing aroma of muscat juice and the sweetness of white peach pulp, and is suitable for both children and adults. Just by mixing it with milk, you can enjoy its "pruney and fruity" texture.

During the development of this product, we struggled to express the flavor of muscat, which was the key point of this product. If we tried to create a flavor closer to the original taste of muscat, the astringent taste of the skin would come out, making it difficult for children to enjoy the flavor.

You can enjoy a new taste that is completely different from the "mixed speech" that is a standard favorite in Flüche. We also recommend arranging it with fresh cream, which is introduced on the back of the package.