CHOSHIMARU Keihomaki 2023

Choshimaru Ebomaki 2023

Ebomaki 2023 will be available from Choshimaru for a limited time. The lineup includes three types: "Kaisen ehoumaki," "Premium ehoumaki," and "Sushi-ya no ehoumaki. The sales period is from January 16 to February 3.

Choshimaru Eb

omaki Ebomaki is a very popular product at Choshimaru, with approximately 90,000 sold in fiscal year 2022. A wide selection is available, from affordable standard products to premium items. These luxurious ehoumaki are filled with fresh seafood and are very satisfying, and each one is carefully and wholeheartedly handmade by artisans at each store on the day of delivery.

Kaisen e

houmaki: The most popular ehoumaki containing six kinds of seafood items popular at Choshimaru. Recommended for seafood lovers.

It contains tuna, salmon, shrimp, squid, recommended white meat, negitoro, egg, shiso leaves, and cucumber. It measures approximately 18 cm and is priced at 950 yen (tax included, same below).

Choshimaru "Kaisen ehomaki


Ehoumaki: A luxurious ehoumaki filled to overflowing with the finest ingredients, such as medium fatty tuna and salmon roe. The Premium Ebomaki is a gourmet conveyor-belt sushi restaurant's specialty, offering the delicious taste of fish and the texture of salmon roe.

It includes: medium fatty tuna, salmon roe, salmon roe, negitoro, herring roe, prawn, recommended white meat, squid, kanpyo (dried gourd), cucumber, and egg. The size is approximately 18 cm and the price is 2,592 yen.

Choshimaru "Premium Ebomaki

Ehoumaki by

Sushi Restaurant

This Ehoumaki contains seven kinds of traditional standard ingredients such as egg and kanpyo, which are popular ingredients in Ehoumaki. We hope this ehoumaki will "invite good fortune" and make your year a good one.

It contains: conger eel, shrimp, medium filling, oboro, cucumber, and egg. The size is approximately 18 cm and the price is 885 yen.

Choshimaru "Premium Ebomaki