Aeon Select Sweets "6-layer Strawberry Parfait

Aeon Select Sweets Strawberry Sweets

Four sweets using seasonal strawberries are now available from Aeon's sweets series "Select Sweets. They are available at approximately 400 Aeon and Aeon Style stores in Honshu and Shikoku from January 11 (Wed) to January 15 (Sun).

January 15 is designated as "Strawberry Day" because of the Japanese word "15 (ICHIGO)" and the timing of the harvest, when strawberries are in abundance. In conjunction with "Strawberry Day," Aeon is selling strawberry sweets such as parfaits, tarts, and roll cakes that can be enjoyed by individuals or families.

Six-layer strawberry parfait

: A cup of shortcake topped with fresh strawberries. It is made up of six layers, from the bottom to the top: strawberry jelly, custard mousse, strawberry sauce, sponge, whipped cream, and strawberry sauce with pulp. The price is 300.24 yen (tax included, same as below).

Aeon Select Sweets "6-layer Strawberry Parfait


Strawberry Tart

A tart made with fresh strawberries that is both tasty and visually appealing. The tart is layered with custard and whipped cream, and decorated with fresh strawberries and pistachios. It measures approximately 13 cm in diameter and is priced at 1,814.40 yen.

Aeon Select Sweets "Fresh Strawberry Tart

Cheese Roll with Fukuoka-grown Amaou Strawberries - Made with Hokkaido Cream Cheese -

A roll cake with a rich and refreshing cheese mousse made with Fukuoka-grown Amaou strawberry sauce and Hokkaido cream cheese. The pink sponge dough with lines is eye-catching, and is a product that is particular about both taste and appearance. It measures approximately 11 cm long x 8.5 cm wide and is priced at 537.84 yen.

Aeon Select Sweets "Fukuoka Prefecture Amaou Strawberry Cheese Roll - Made with Hokkaido Cream Cheese

Fresh cream puff with Amao strawberries St

rawberry cream puff filled with strawberry cream blended with Amao strawberry sauce and milk cream with fresh Hokkaido cream in a puff baked to a golden brown. The price is 105.84 yen.

Aeon Select Sweets "Fresh Cream Strawberry Puff Pastry with Amaou Strawberries

The sales period may differ in some stores.
Some stores do not carry this product.
The decimal point is rounded down in the case of single item purchases.
Due to the nature of the cream and the fact that it is handmade, the size is approximate.