Fujiya "Reward Heart Chocolate (Red Jewel)
Reward Heart Chocolate (Red Jewel)


Reward Heart Chocolate (Red

Jewel) and Heart Chocolate (Peanuts) Mini MP Fujiya will introduce "Reward Heart Chocolate (Red Jewel)" and "Heart Chocolate (Peanuts) Mini MP" that can be a small gift for Valentine's Day. They will be available at supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.

Reward Heart Chocolate (

Red Jew

el) "Reward Heart Chocolate (Red Jewel)" is one of the long-selling "Heart Chocolate" brands launched in 1935. It is a limited-time-only flavor that uses the season's Amaou strawberries.

It has a lovely red heart shape that looks like a red jewel, and contains 20% more Amaou strawberry powder than the previous product. The sweet and sour flavor can be enjoyed and is perfect as a small Valentine's gift as well as a reward for oneself. The content is 35 g. The product is open price and will go on sale on January 17, 2023.

Fujiya "Reward Heart Chocolate (Red Jewel)
Reward Heart Chocolate (Red Jewel)

Heart Chocolate (


) Mini MP "Heart Chocolate (Peanut) Mini MP" is a limited time offer of the Heart Chocolate brand's standard peanut flavor in bite-size, easy-to-eat sachets.

The milk chocolate is filled with crispy, savory peanuts. The two retro-inspired designs, which are based on the wrapping paper, are suitable as small gifts for Valentine's Day, and are also available in the Heart Chocolate design.

The product is 46 g in weight, open price, and will go on sale on January 24, 2023.

Fujiya "Heart Chocolate (Peanut) Mini MP
Heart Chocolate (Peanut) Mini MP