Hamazushi Winter Seasonal Neta Festival

Hamazushi Winter Seasonal Neta


Hamazushi will hold the "Hamazushi Winter Seasonal Neta Festival" from January 12 (Thu.), featuring a wide variety of seasonal seafood. The event will end when all items are gone.

Oyster Nigiri from Hiroshima Prefecture

: The oysters are characterized by their plump meat and juicy flavor. The price is 110 yen (tax included, same as below).

Hama Sushi "Hiroshima Oyster Nigiri

Hokkaido wild yellowtail

- a dish with the sweetness of high-quality fat. Priced at 165 yen.

Hama Sushi "Hokkaido Big Catch Wild Buri

Fresh mackerel is vinegared to bring out the best flavor. Price: 165 yen.

Hama Sushi "Miyagi Prefecture Ookiri Kinka Kankasaba" (large-sized kinka mackerel from Miyagi Prefecture)

Torafugu fugu from

Miyazaki Prefecture

: The king of fugu, a very chewy fugu. The price is 319 yen. Not sold at stores in Ibaraki Prefecture.

Hama Sushi "Miyazaki Prefecture Torafugu

Natural tuna from Oma

. Only the richest red meat is carefully selected. Price: 319 yen.

Hama Sushi "Natural Tuna from Oma

Nigiri nigiri (Japanese black beef)

: The meat is fine-grained and soft. Price: 319 yen.

Hama Sushi "Kuroge Wagyu Beef Nigiri

Hand-pumped Yuba Nigiri with Ume Plum Se

ed: Yuba made from Hokkaido Yukihomare soybeans, carefully hand-pumped one piece at a time. Price: 110 yen.

Hama Sushi "Tekumi Yuba Nigiri (hand-rolled yuba with ume plum paste)


fondant chocolate

from HAMAMACAFÉ Labo. A warm sweet with melt-in-your-mouth chocolate. The price is 286 yen.

Hamazushi "Thick fondant chocolat

Price may differ at some stores.
Scheduled to be available at 573 stores (as of January 11).