Burger King "Watashi no Ai no Chocolat Pie"

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Watakushi no Ai no Chocolat Pie" Burger King will release "Watakushi no Ai no Chocolat Pie" on January 13 (Friday), with a trial price of 20 yen off for one week from January 13 (Friday) to January 19 (Thursday).

Watakuno no

Ai no Chocolat Pie

Burger King has been developing the "Watakuno" dessert series with the theme of deliciousness that adults can also enjoy. The latest in the series is "Watakushi no Ai no Chocolat Pie" (My Love Chocolat Pie).

This chocolate pie is made with a special chocolate cream wrapped in a crispy pie crust filled with coffee. It is finished with a bitter taste that will satisfy even adults. The pie contains cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and other ingredients, giving it a subtle spice aroma.

Burger King "Watashi no Ai no Chocolat Pie"

The chocolate cream is made from Belgian couverture chocolate, which has a mellow and rich cacao flavor with a clean aftertaste. Two types of chocolate are used: one rich and deep, the other mellow and fragrant.

In order to let as many people as possible taste the deliciousness of "Watashi no Ai no Chocolat Pie," it will be on sale for one week only, from January 13 (Fri.) to January 19 (Thu.), at a trial price reduced by 20 yen. The regular price of 240 yen will be available for 220 yen.

This is perfect for when you want to reward yourself in the middle of winter, when you want to spend some quality time alone, or when you want dessert with your burger set. Burger King will continue to offer the "Watashi no" dessert series in the future.

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