Sushiro "Ookiri Tenkozai Matsuri Festival


"Ookiri Tenkozomari Festival" Sushiro will hold the "Ookiri Tenkozomari Festival" from January 18 (Wed.) to January 29 (Sun.), offering a variety of popular items in large slices or in a tenkozomari style.

The fair offers jumbo and large-sized


of popular items, such as gunkan (a gunkan filled with salmon roe and salmon roe), red shrimp, and squid, to encourage customers to enjoy Sushiro's sushi to the fullest. A wide range of products are available in a variety of sizes and volumes.

Tororo Salmon and Sockeye Salmon Salmon Roe Tenkomakuri

You can taste the fatty fatty part of the salmon and the rich flavor of the sockeye salmon roe together. Priced at 360 yen/370 yen/390 yen (pricing varies by store). A total of 280,000 servings are planned to be sold.

Sushiro "Toro Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, Salmon Roe and Salmon Roe Tenkomari

Extra large jumbo red shrimp

You can enjoy the plump texture of carefully selected large red shrimp. Priced at 120 yen/130 yen/150 yen. Total 2,050,000 servings to be sold.

Sushiro "Extra Large Jumbo Red Shrimp


Cut Squid: The squid is carefully cut into pieces at the processing factory, and is prepared so that the sweetness of the squid can be tasted. Priced at 120 yen/130 yen/150 yen. Total 2.09 million servings to be sold.

Sushiro "Big Cutlass Squid

Dodoka Meat Yakitori Wrapping

: A large piece of


so large that it cannot be contained in a single bite. Priced at 120 yen/130 yen/150 yen. Total sales: 230,000 servings. No takeout.

Sushiro "Dodeka Meat Yakiwari Wrapping

Ookiri Tuna

: Tuna that has gone through a rigorous sorting process, including tail-slicing. Priced at 120 yen/130 yen/150 yen. A total of 7,020,000 servings are planned to be sold. The sales period is from January 18 (Wed.) to February 12 (Sun.).

Sushiro "Big Tuna

Tokuneta Double


The popular "Tokuneta Chutoro", which is one of the best fatty tuna and offers a perfect balance of lean meat and tuna, is now available in double the size as "Tokuneta Double Tuna". The price remains the same and is served on a red plate.

Sushiro "Special Neta Double Tollo

Prices are 180 yen/190 yen/210 yen. A total of 2.08 million servings are planned to be sold. The sales period is from January 25 (Wed.) to January 29 (Sun.).

Sales will end as soon as all the dishes are sold out.
The number of items sold per day is limited.
Sales may be suspended or cancelled, or the number sold may change, depending on availability.
Sales may continue after the end of the period until the total number of items sold reaches the planned number.
The price of take-out orders includes the cost of the container.
Not available at "Sushiro To Go" and "Kyotaru Sushiro", which specialize in take-out.