Shateraise new Japanese confectionery "Strawberry Cream Anmitsu
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Shateraise New W

agashi Check out all the new wagashi sold by Shateraise! Strawberry Cream Anmitsu", "Hakushu Meisui Daifuku Strawberry" and "Coarse Pounding Daifuku Yomogi".

Strawberry Cream


: Anmitsu is a combination of colorful ingredients (strawberries, strawberry compote, kiwi fruit, whipped cream, white beans, homemade bean paste, and salted beans (red peas)). You can enjoy the combination of the crunchy agar, sticky shiratama (white bean jelly), sweet bean paste, whipped cream, and sweet and sour strawberries. The flavor is enhanced when combined with molasses. The price is 324 yen (tax included, same as below).

Shateraise new Japanese confectionery "Strawberry Cream Anmitsu

Hakushu Meisui Daifuku Strawberry

Seasonal strawberry daifuku with a whole strawberry wrapped inside. The Daifuku dough is made by blending two types of rice cake, one made from Hokkaido hakucho rice cake and the other from domestic glutinous rice flour, and stirring them for a long time to make the dough airy and soft, resulting in a soft and fluffy Daifuku dough with a gentle flavor. The Daifuku dough is colored pink and filled with homemade sweet bean paste and Japanese strawberries. The price is 129 yen.

SHATERAISE New Japanese confectionery "Hakushu Meisui Daifuku Strawberry

Daifuku with Coarse Pounding: Yomogi

This baked daifuku is made from Hokkaido-grown Hakucho mochi rice with yomogi (Japanese mugwort) added to the dough, wrapped in homemade bean paste and baked to a savory top. To preserve the flavor of the rice, the rice grains are left in the dough to give the Daifuku a soft and firm texture. The bean paste is made from azuki beans produced in Tokachi, Hokkaido, and carefully cooked in Hakushu's famous water to give it a rich flavor. The price is 108 yen.

Shateraise new Japanese confectionery "Daifuku with roughly pounded rice cake, Yomogi".