Morinaga Seika "Milk Caramel Pancake Mix

Milk Caramel Hotcake Mix" in collaboration with

Morinaga Se

ika's "Milk Caramel" "Milk Caramel Hotcake Mix" will be released from Morinaga Seika's "Hotcake Mix", which is celebrating its 65th year on the market.


Caramel Hotcake Mix "Milk Caramel Hotcake Mix" is a hotcake mix inspired by the taste of "Milk Caramel" in collaboration with Morinaga's long-selling product "Milk Caramel" since its launch in 1913. It is made so that the sweet and gentle taste of milk caramel will fill your mouth just by baking it.

The happy aroma of milk caramel wafting through the air while baking, and the sweet and savory taste can be enjoyed with a full stomach.

The pancakes will be available for a limited time from January 17, 2023, in advance of Pancake Day on January 25. The sale will end as soon as the product is gone.

Contents 520g (18.34oz) (130g (4.59oz) x 4 bags). Open price.