Kappa Sushi "Winter Now Set

Kappa Sushi's


Winter Now Set" to-go product The "Winter Now Set" to-go product will be available at Kappa Sushi from January 11 (Wed) to February 28 (Tue).

The Winter


Set is a set of 12 kinds of sushi items that Kappa Sushi recommends for this winter. The set also includes "Salad Gunkan," which is the most popular item in Nagano Prefecture, the birthplace of Kappa Sushi. The set includes medium fatty tuna, tuna, longline tuna, squid, red shrimp, salmon, scallop, engawa, shrimp, egg, salad gunkan, and special salmon roe.

Kappa Sushi "Winter Now Set

Prices are 1,150 yen for 1 portion (12 pieces), 2,300 yen for 2 portions (24 pieces), 3,450 yen for 3 portions (36 pieces), 4,600 yen for 4 portions (48 pieces), and 5,750 yen for 5 portions (60 pieces).

Kappa Sushi has a large lineup of to-go items that can be used for a variety of occasions, from seasonal festivals and celebrations to mourning events, souvenirs, gifts, and everyday dining. The following is a selection of take-out items.

Temakizushi set

includes 400g (14.11oz) rice, 10 sheets of nori, 3 pieces of tuna, 3 pieces of squid, 3 pieces of shrimp, 3 pieces of katsufushi cold yellowtail, 30g (1.06oz) squid salad, 20g (0.71oz) salmon roe, 30g (1.06oz) negitoro, 3 pieces of salmon, egg, green onion, cucumber. 2,150 yen for 2 to 3 persons.

Kappa Sushi "Temakizushi Set

Selected Kaisen Balalachirashi

: Tuna, salmon, squid, egg, filleted mackerel, cooked conger eel, salmon roe, shrimp, nori, cucumber, and riri sesame. 680 yen per person.

Kappa Sushi "Selected Seafood Balachiraji



includes: tuna, longline tuna, salmon, scallop, squid, shrimp, cooked conger eel, egg, salmon roe, special size negitoro, salad gunkan, and touching corn. 780 yen for 1 person (12 pieces) / 1,560 yen for 2 people (24 pieces) / 2,340 yen for 3 people (36 pieces) / 3,120 yen for 4 people (48 pieces) / 3,900 yen for 5 people (60 pieces). (60 pieces) 3,900 yen.

Kappa Sushi "Reasonable Set

Manzoku Set

includes medium fatty tuna, tuna, long tuna, scallop, squid, salmon, shrimp, engawa, eel, egg, salmon roe, and special Negitoro. 1 for 1 (12 pieces): 1,030 yen / 2 for 2 (24 pieces): 2,060 yen / 3 for 3 (36 pieces): 3,090 yen / 4 for 4 (48 pieces): 4,120 yen / 5 for 5 (60 pieces): 5,150 yen 4,120 yen for 4 servings (48 pcs.) / 5,150 yen for 5 servings (60 pcs.).

Kappa Sushi "Satisfaction Set


includes: large tuna, medium fatty tuna, tuna, fresh cold yellowtail, red shrimp, salmon, scallop, shrimp, giant squid, half cooked conger eel, and salmon roe (extra large). 7,600 yen.

Kappa Sushi "Gokumi Set