Hotto Motto "Kaisen Chinese Ankake Gohan" (Rice with Seafood and Chinese Ankake)



"Seafood Chinese Ankake Gohan" and "Seafood Chinese Ankake Kata Yakisoba"

Hotto Motto will release "Seafood Chinese Ankake Gohan" and "Seafood Chinese Ankake Kata Yakisoba" on January 16 (Monday) as the second in the popular Chinese Ankake series.

Like the "Chinese


" currently on sale, this menu item provides 1/2 of the daily requirement of vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, onion, carrot, leek, and snap pea. The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare's "Healthy Japan 21 (Second Stage)" sets the target for vegetable intake at an average of 350g (12.35oz) per day.

Hotto Motto "Kaisen Chinese Ankake Gohan" and "Kaisen Chinese Ankake Katayakisoba".
Rice with seafood and Chinese starchy sauce

Seafood includes shrimp, squid, and scallops. The larger shrimp are plump and elastic, making them very satisfying to eat, while the squid has a delicious flavor that spreads as you bite into it, giving it a soft texture. This year, the scallops have been added to the dish to give it a more filling texture, allowing diners to enjoy the different tastes and textures of the three types of seafood.

Hotto Motto "Seafood Chinese Ankake Katayakisoba
Seafood Chinese Ankake Katayaki Fried Noodles

The special XO sauce is served separately. The sauce is made with chili peppers, dried scallops, dried shrimp, and spicy vegetables to create an original sauce that is easy to blend with the sauce. A small amount is all that is needed to create an authentic flavor with a unique richness and spiciness.

Hotto Motto "Seafood with Chinese sauce, side dish only
Seafood with Chinese starchy sauce Side dish only

The price including tax is as follows

Kaisen Chinese Ankake Gohan 740 yen
・ Kaisen Chinese Ankake Katayakisoba 800 yen
・ Kaisen Chinese Ankake Side dish only 640 yen

* Not sold at Hot More Grill.
Containers for "Kaisen Chinese Ankake Gohan" and "Chinese Ankake Gohan" are different in some areas.