Sushiro Sushiya's "Kaisen Kamitamaki", "Kamitamaki", "Kimpadamaki".

Sushiro Sushiya no


Sushiro's popular annual "Sushiya no ehoumaki" will be on sale from February 1 (Wed.) to 3 (Fri.), coinciding with Setsubun day. Reservations begin on Wednesday, January 4.



is recommended for Setsubun Day to pray for good luck in the year ahead. This year, three types are available: "Kaisen Kamitamaki", "Kamitamaki", and "Kimba Tamaki".

For take-out, we recommend using the easy and convenient smartphone app and internet. The app and Internet allow you to see at a glance the waiting time for take-out and the availability of the store on the day of pick-up.

[How to reserve]
Reservation method: In-store, by phone, or online
Sales outlets: Sushiro stores nationwide
Pick-up dates: February 1-3 (on February 1 and 2, only pick-up by advance reservation)

* Not available at the take-out specialty store "Kyotaru Sushiro".
Price, reservation method, and sales days differ at the take-out specialty restaurant "Sushiro To Go.
Limited quantity. Limited quantity, will end when planned quantity is reached.

Kaisen Kami-Tamaki

: Luxurious tamaki roll with 10 different ingredients: fresh salmon, conger eel, salmon roe, wild red meat, shrimp, spring onion tuna, egg, shrimp oboro, and cucumber. Price: 760 yen (tax included). Half size.

Sushiro Sushi Restaurant's "Kaisen Kamitamaki" (Seafood Top Roll)


Kamitamaki has long been a favorite as Sushiro's standard ehomaki. It contains boiled conger eel, shrimp, egg, dried tofu, dried gourd, cucumber, and shrimp oboro. Price: 490 yen (tax included).

Sushiro Sushi-ya's "Kamitamaki" (top roll)


Original creative futomaki roll with seafood. It contains salmon, shrimp, egg, shinko, cucumber, sesame, sesame oil, and mayonnaise. Price: 490 yen (tax included).

Sushiro Sushiya's "KIMPATAMA rolls" (sushi rolls with a blessing)

Items and prices differ at some stores.
Take-out only.
Not available for delivery service.
Container fee is included in the product price.