Café COMSA Osechi Cake "New Year's Cake, Twinkling" with a wish that 2023 will be a year of "twinkling".


Osechi Cake "New Year's Cake Sparkling"

Cafe COMSA started accepting reservations for "New Year's Cake Sparkling" at Cafe COMSA Ginza store on December 27. This Osechi cake is richly decorated with gold leaf, one of the traditional beauties of Japan, and was created with the hope that 2023 will be a year of "sparkles.

What is "New Year's Cake with a Twinkle"?

A combination of chestnut cream and cocoa cream expresses a blue sea wave pattern, a wish for happiness and a peaceful life. Strawberries and mascarpone are sandwiched inside.

This cake is only available for reservation at the Ginza store, and is made with chestnut kinton (made from Kyoto Tanba chestnuts) and Tanba black soybeans, which have been valued as "good luck food" since ancient times.


, retail price and reservation period

Size: approx. 15cmx15cmx5cm
Retail price: 8,000 yen (including tax)
Reservation period: from Tuesday, December 27
*Because of the limited quantity, reservation will end when the cake is sold out
*Reservation is required 3 days prior to the delivery date
Delivery date: Thursday, December 29 to Tuesday, January 3 until
*We will be closed on January 1