Hamamako Set Toys

Sumikko Gurashi and PUI PUI MOLCAR toys

in the Hamazushi Hamamazushi Hamako Set The Sumikko Gurashi Tsumitsumi-Stamp, the second in the Tsumitsumi-Series, will be available in stores nationwide from December 26 (Monday). In addition, the PUI PUI MOLKER DRIVING SCHOOL will make its first appearance as part of the Hamamatsu Sushi Hamamatsu Hamamako Set.

The Hamamako Set includes four sets: "Hamamako Drink Set 230 yen (253 yen including tax)," "Hamamako Potato Set 280 yen (308 yen including tax)," "Hamamako Don Set 330 yen (363 yen including tax)," and "Hamamako Sushi Set 380 yen (418 yen including tax)" featuring tuna, shrimp, hamburger steak and more. A total of four sets. All sets come with a choice of five drinks, including 100% apple juice, and coins for a special gacha machine.

Sumikko Gurashi Ts

umitsumi-Stamps The second series of the "Tsumitsumi-Series," which can be stacked and displayed, features "Tsumitsumi-Stamps" with designs of the Sumikko girls. In addition, "Furoshiki" and "Tapioka (yellow)" from the "Minicco" series will appear for the first time. It will be interesting to see which character will appear in the Secret.



In addition, "PUI PUI MOLKER DRIVING SCHOOL" will appear in Hamamako set for the first time. The "Puku Puku Can Magnet" made of soft material features Morkers wearing Hamazushi uniforms and holding sushi. The design of the magnets connects the patterns when placed side by side, making it possible to collect multiple magnets. A total of 10 types, including a secret design, are available. It is up to you to choose which one you would like to collect.

Hamamako Set Toys

Anyone can order the "Hamakko Set.
Due to the structure of the gacha machine prizes, the same items may appear one after another.
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The giveaway will be held at a total of 572 stores (as of December 23). (As of December 23)