Cinnabon "Mini Orangetto Chocobon" for a limited time only

Cinnabon Chocobon

Mini Orangette Chocobons will be available for a limited time at Cinnabon stores specializing in cinnamon rolls. The release date is December 26. The sales period is scheduled for late February 2023.

Mini Orangette


The exquisite combination of mini chocolate bonbons, a standard product baked with specially made chocolate paste wrapped in moist dough, and boldly decorated with orange slices, offers a refreshing, bittersweet adult taste. Recommended even for those who do not like cinnamon.


Cinnabon, a specialty store specializing in cinnamon rolls, was established in Seattle, USA, and has approximately 1,800 stores in 56 countries around the world. The cinnamon rolls are made with a secret recipe using "macaracinnamon," cinnamon specially grown and refined for Cinnabon, and are loved around the world for their unforgettable and enchanting cinnamon rolls.

The "Mini Orangetto Chocobon" would make a great souvenir for the year-end and New Year's holidays. Check it out!