Francais' Happy Bag "Happy Bag 2023".
Happy Bag 2023


Happy Bag 2023 The "Happy Bag 2023" grab bag from confectionery brand FRANCAIS has been announced on its official website, and has been available for purchase at the official online store since December 9. The price is 3,348 yen (tax included, delivery fee not included).


assortment of western sweets

This is a limited edition set of popular Francais menu items for the beginning of the year. Quantities are limited and will end as soon as they are gone. The contents are as follows

Berry Nut Mille Fillets x 8
・ Lemon Cake x 4
・ Francais Biscuits x 9
・ Happy Bag x 1

Expiration date is 30 days or more from shipping date. It is guided to store in a cool place, away from direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity.

Payment is by credit card only, and orders cannot be cancelled. Happy Bags are shipped in a bundle and do not arrive with the confections in them. If you purchase other confectionery items, they will be shipped together with the Happy Bag. Only room temperature items can be ordered together.

If you do not specify a date and time, your order will be delivered sequentially from December 24.