Meiji "Fruit Juice Gummi Strawberry
Fruit Juice Gummy Strawberry

Meiji "Fruit Juice Gummies


Meiji will introduce "Fruit Juice Gummies Strawberry", which will be available nationwide for a limited time starting December 13, 2012. Each package contains 54g (1.9oz) and is priced at an open price.

The Meiji "Fruit Juice Gummi

new product is part of the long-selling "Fruit Juice Gummi" brand of gummy candies, which are easy to enjoy with a pleasantly elastic texture that brings out the true color of the ingredients and 100 fruit juice (fresh fruit juice equivalent ratio). This flavor offers a refreshing sweetness.

It contains approximately 6.0g (0oz) of 9.0x concentrated strawberry juice, which is equivalent to 100% of the product weight in terms of fresh fruit juice. This flavor offers the refreshing sweet and sour taste of strawberries (Ichigo) and a refreshing sweetness.

The standard flavor "Fruit Juice Gummy Strawberry" is being brushed up until March 2022 to have a juicier, fresher strawberry flavor.

The texture is set to "chewiness chart 3". The chewiness chart is Meiji's original index to help consumers choose gummies that match their chewing ability by dividing the force required to process the gummies into levels.