Rilakkuma x "'Rilakkuma' Cake Can 2-piece Set [with Acrylic Key Holder]".

Rilakkuma x cake tins, a mail order site specializing in cakes and sweets, has collaborated with the popular character "Rilakkuma" to sell original cake tins "Rilakkuma" cake tins 2-piece set [with acrylic key holder The set includes two "Rilakkuma" cake tins with acrylic key holders. Each cake can contains 250ml (8.45us fl oz) and is priced at 2,600 yen (tax included, shipping not included).


cake tin set of two (with acrylic key ring) The cake tins created in collaboration with Rilakkuma come in's original design packaging featuring the adorable and fluffy figure of Rilakkuma. The cake tin comes in two flavors, "Fluffy Strawberry Pancake" and "Thick Pudding Flavor Cake," which are inspired by Rilakkuma's favorite foods, "pancake" and "pudding.

The cake tins also come with an original acrylic key ring as a bonus, one of eight different designs at random. Enjoy the cute and sweet cakes.

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