35 confectionery ingredients supervised by cotta at Daiso

35 new items of confectionery ingredients superv

ised by cotta to go on sale at Daiso 35 items of confectionery ingredients supervised by cotta will go on sale at Daiso. In addition, recipes using cotta-supervised confectionery ingredients to be sold at Daiso will be posted on a special page on cotta from December 5 at 16:00.

35 confectionery ingredients supervised by cotta at Daiso

Cotta-supervised confectionery


Daiso offers 128 confectionery ingredients supervised by cotta. New items on sale this time include "Star Chocolate White," "Sugar Spray Green & Pink," which is useful for Christmas recipes, and "Steamed Bun Mix Flour," which is easy to use for daily homemade snacks.

35 confectionery ingredients supervised by cotta at Daiso

DAISOxcotta confectionery ingredients New products

Launch date: Sequentially
Launch stores: DAISO, Daiso net store (stock may vary by store)
Number of products: 35 items
Sales price: ¥108 (tax included)

Recipes using cotta-supervised confectionery ingredients available on

special page on the cotta website " Sweets The special page on the cotta website, " Excellent Recipes from Cotta, the Confectionery Specialty Store," will be opened on December 5 at 4:00 p.m. with 15 recipes (5 Christmas recipes) using confectionery ingredients (supervised by cotta) sold at Daiso stores.

Insta-live by Mizuki, a cookery

researcher On Daiso's official Instagram, Mizuki, a cookery researcher who was involved in the development of the recipes introduced in the "Excellent Recipes from Cotta, the baking specialty store," will hold an Insta-live. Cotta products will be used in the cooking of gâteau chocolat and thick snowball cookies.

Insta-live by Mizuki, cookery researcher

The recipes do not require any special tools, and anyone can cook them easily and deliciously. They will also introduce Christmas-inspired decoration arrangements.

The insta-live will start at 9:00 p.m. on December 19, 2022 (scheduled to last approximately 60 minutes). You can watch it on Daiso as well as on Mizuki's and COTTA's official Instagram.