Chirorucoco [Traverse Japan, Local 7].

Chirorucoco [Traverse of Japan, Gotochi 7]" Tsuruha Group Limited

A new product from Chirorucoco, "Chirorucoco [Traverse of Japan, Gotochi 7]," will be available for a limited time from December 12, 2012. It will be available at all Tsuruha Group stores nationwide (Tsuruha Drugstore, Kusuri no Fukutaro, Wonz, Drugstore Wellness, Kusuri no redei, Kyorindo Pharmacy, B&D Drugstore, and Drug Eleven).

Chiroruco Chocolates [Road Trip through Japan Gotochi 7]

A luxury bag of

Chiroruco Chocolates

in which you can enjoy flavors representative of each region. The assortment consists of two of each of the following seven flavors: melon (Hokkaido), peanut (Chiba), green tea latte (Shizuoka), Ogura Toast (Aichi), Momiji Manju (Hiroshima), Mikan Daifuku (Ehime), and sweet potato (Fukuoka).

Chiroruchoco [Traverse Japan, Local 7].

Chirorucho Melon

: A generous amount of melon jelly is wrapped in melon-flavored chocolate to reproduce the fruity sweetness of a real melon. The melon skin is accented with chocolate.

Tyrol Chocolate Melon

Chirorucho Peanuts

: Chiba peanuts and butter crunch cookies are combined with salted peanut chocolate. You can enjoy the crunchy texture and sweetness.

Chirorucho Peanuts


Chocolate Green Tea Latte

: Dark green tea chocolate with smooth milk cream. The matcha chocolate contains 5% matcha green tea, and the richness of the matcha and the sweetness of the cream are perfectly balanced.

Chirole Chocolate Green Tea Latte

Tyrol Chocolate Ogura Toast

: Ogura flavored paste and croutons are wrapped in bread flavored chocolate. The combination of azuki bean-flavored chocolate and azuki bean-flavored chocolate reproduces the crispy and savory taste of azuki toast.

Chirorucoco Ogura Toast

Chirole Chocolate Momiji Manju

Reproduction of the moist and sticky texture of Momiji Manju. Koshi An (sweet red bean paste) and small mochi gummy beads are wrapped in a bun-flavored chocolate.

Chirorucho Maple Leaf Manju

Chirole Chocolate Mikan Daifuku

: Mikan sauce and mochi gummy bears wrapped in Daifuku-flavored chocolate. The sourness and refreshing juiciness of the mandarin oranges are accented.

Chirorucho Mikan Daifuku

Chirole Chocolate Sweet Pot

ato The image of a moist and smooth sweet potato. Sweet potato sauce and sweet potato bean paste are wrapped in sweet potato chocolate. The baked sweet potato chocolate adds a savory flavor.

Chirorucho Sweet Potato

Some stores do not carry this product.
Sales will end when all products are sold out.