Meiji "Almond Chocolate Matcha".
Almond Chocolate Matcha

Almond Chocolate


from Meiji "Almond Chocolate Matcha" will be available nationwide from December 6. Each package contains 58 grams of almond chocolate and is open price.

Almond Chocolate Matcha" is one of the new flavors from the long-selling "Almond Chocolate" brand.

It is made with two types of Uji matcha green tea and wrapped in almonds. The Japanese-inspired taste makes it suitable for inbound orders and souvenirs. The refined taste of Uji matcha green tea and the savory aroma of almonds create an enjoyable experience.


Chocolate Almond chocolate is made from beans selected by Meiji and slowly roasted to a savory finish, and in addition to the standard milk chocolate with a mild flavor that enhances the aroma of nuts, there are also Almond Chocolate Aromatic Cacao, Almond Chocolate White Veil, and Almond Chocolate White Veil. Almond Chocolate White Veil" and "Almond Chocolate Strawberry" are also available. The Almond Chocolate Matcha is a limited time offer, just in time for winter.