Cake of "Le Lectier" from Niigata Prefecture by Cafe COMSA Enjoy the luxury of pears, also known as the lady of western pears.


of "Le Lectier" pears produced in Niigata

Prefecture Café COMSA will sell a cake using "Le Lectier" pears produced in Niigata Prefecture from December 2 to around the end of December.

Le Lectier" pears

produced in

Niigata Prefecture Le Lectier is a variety bred in France around 1882, and was first introduced to Japan around 1903 in Shirane City (now Niigata City), Niigata Prefecture. Today, Niigata Prefecture is still the main production area, where it is cultivated using advanced cultivation techniques on fertile land and abundant water along the Shinano River, in a climate and temperature similar to that of France.

The fruit is harvested from late October to November, and then allowed to ripen for about a month before the harvest date is set, which is unusual for a fruit. When ripe, Le Leccieux pears have a unique mellow aroma and soft, smooth flesh, earning them the nickname "the lady of the western pears.

Niigata Pear "Le Leccieux"


The luxurious Niigata pear "Le Leccieux", with its mellow aroma and melt-in-your-mouth smooth texture, is used in this


and decorated with a cream cheese base. The pears themselves can be enjoyed with fresh cream with a moderate sweetness.

The price is 1,100 yen per piece (tax included).

The Ginza store uses "Le Lectier" pears from Watanabe Orchard in Niigata Prefecture.
*Prices and designs differ for the Ginza store.
*Period of availability is subject to change depending on the availability of fruit.