Ministop "Pistachio Parfait

Ministop 2022 New "Pistachio Par

fait" Ministop will release two new parfait products in 2022, "Pistachio Parfait" and "Get More Pistachio Parfait". This product combines a rich pistachio mousse with a sweet and sour sauce of raspberries & strawberries that go well together.



"Pistachio Parfait" is a parfait using pistachio, an ingredient so popular that specialty stores have sprung up. The parfait is made with a rich pistachio mousse and raspberry and strawberry sweet and sour sauces.

Ministop "Pistachio Parfait

The soft-serve ice cream is topped with chocolate sauce and crispy sugar-coated almonds. The green color of the pistachios and the red color of the raspberry and strawberry sauce add to the exciting Christmas atmosphere.

Available on December 2. Price: ¥399.60 (tax included). The calorie count is 271 kcal.


Pistachio Parfait "Getsumori Pistachio Parfait" is made with twice as much pistachio mousse. The "Tokumori Pistachio Parfait" uses twice as much pistachio mousse, so you can enjoy plenty of rich pistachios.

Ministop "Pistachio Parfait

On sale December 2. The price is 581.04 yen (tax included). Calorie count is 418 kcal.

* Prices include tax for take-out. Tax rate is different when using the eat-in space.