Thirty-One Ice Cream "Dark Cherry Forest

Thirty-One Ice Cream "Dark Cherry Forest"

A new flavor for December, "Dark Cherry Forest" will be available at Thirty-One Ice Cream for a limited time starting December 1 (until it is gone). The estimated price for a single and regular size is 390 yen (tax included, price varies by store).

Dark Cherry


This flavor is inspired by the traditional "Foret Noir" cake, which is often eaten at Christmas and means "black forest" in French. The flavor is an elegant chocolate cake with chocolate and cherry accents, perfect for the season. The Thirty-One style Folle Noire, which has been developed over many years, is now available for the first time.

Cherry flavored ice cream with cherry pulp is combined with chocolate ice cream. The combination of rich chocolate and the sweetness and flavor unique to cherries stand out in a rich and delicious taste. This is a slightly mature ice cream to be enjoyed slowly at Christmas time.