Wendy's First Kitchen "Mash x Mash Demi Melt Burger"


Mash x Mash Demi Melt Burger All Wendy's First Kitchen stores will offer four products for a limited time, including the Mash x Mash Demi Melt Burger, which combines mushroom melt and mashed potatoes. The release date is December 6.

The "Mash x Mash Demi Melt Burger" is a new and rich burger that combines a cheese sauce filled with sliced mushrooms and creamy mashed potatoes with a thick patty. The burger is served with a sweet demi-glace sauce infused with the umami of vegetables and beef. The Mushroom Melt Burger is a new winter staple at Wendy's, and this year, be sure to compare it with the Mash x Mash Demi Melt Burger.

The Mush x


Demi Melt Burger uses Wendy's signature "Mushroom Melt Sauce," a combination of plenty of sliced mushrooms, mushroom sauce and cheese. The creamy mashed potatoes are a perfect match. The demi-glace sauce contains vegetables such as tomatoes and carrots, and the umami of beef and chicken. The burger is finished with a rich and deep flavor. Priced at 740 yen for an individual item.

Wendy's First Kitchen "Mash x Mash Demi Melt Burger"

Jr. Mash


Mash Demi Melt

Burger The mash x mash demi melt burger is a smaller version of the mash x mash demi melt burger, arranged in an easy-to-enjoy size. The beef patty weighs 50 grams, making it an easy-to-eat volume. Enjoy the contrast between the yellow and brown sauces. Priced individually at 540 yen.

Wendy's First Kitchen "Jr. Mash x Mash Demi Melt Burger"

Mushroom Melt Burger

A luxurious hamburger sandwiched between a 100% beef patty and Wendy's special mushroom melt sauce. You can enjoy the aroma and texture of the mushrooms no matter where you eat it. Priced individually at 650 yen.

Mushroom Melt Burger" at Wendy's First Kitchen

Jr. Mushroom Melt

Burger A smaller version of the Mushroom Melt Burger, the

Jr. Mushroom

Melt Burger uses a 50g (1.76oz) patty to reduce the volume, making it an easy-to-eat size. The price is 450 yen for a single item.

Wendy's First Kitchen "Jr. Mushroom Melt Burger"