First Kitchen "Flavored Potatoes to be recommended again" re-released


Wendy's First Kitchen and all First Kitchen stores (except the Racecourse store) will be re-releasing "flavor fries" selected by the staff that they would like to recommend to customers again. Priced at 310 yen for M size, 360 yen for L size, and 550 yen for boxed fries (all tax included).


Potatoes to be re-released Flavored Potatoes (Flavor Potatoes) are a product synonymous with First Kitchen, which has sold 129 varieties since 1996. To commemorate First Kitchen's 45th anniversary in September of this year, the company will be selling "Hakata Mentaiko Flavor," "Maple Butter Flavor," and "Basil Flavor," which were voted as the most popular flavors by approximately 3,000 staff members who voted for their favorites. The "Hakata Mentaiko" flavor, in particular, is a product that was sadly discontinued, but will be revived after winning the top spot in this year's "Gachi-Vote".

No. 3 Basil Flavor

The "Basil Potato" flavor, which was introduced in 1996 as the first flavored potato, is being revived after 26 years with the current specifications. The key ingredient in the flavor is basil, which is made from dried basil and basil powder to bring out its fresh aroma and flavor. Enjoy the basil flavor, the origin of the flavored potato.

No. 2 Maple Butter Fl

avor Introduced in 2017, this flavor features a gorgeous aroma made with Canadian maple sugar. Unlike many flavored fries, this sweet-tasting potato has a lingering sweetness that our staff voted for it to be re-released.


. 1 Hak

ata Mentaiko Flavor The Hakata Mentaiko Flavor, which was first released in 2019 and was widely called for continued sales at the time, came in at an impressive No. 1 position. It is a luxurious blend of mentaiko (cod roe) made in Hakata, Japan, in powder form. The mentaiko aroma and just the right amount of spiciness linger in this flavor potato with an irresistible taste.