Fujiya Confectionery "Sweets Osechi

Fujiya Confectionery New Year S

weets & Gifts Fujiya Confectionery will sequentially release "New Year Sweets & Gifts" as new products for the year-end and New Year holidays from the end of December.

Sweets Osechi

: A product that looks like a New Year's osechi and is divided into portions. It is an assortment of colorful mousse cakes lavishly decorated with special ingredients.

Fujiya Confectionery "Sweets Osechi

Fujiya Confectionery "Sweets Osechi

The price is 5,400 yen (tax included). The reservation period is from Friday, December 2 to Monday, December 26. Pickup period is from Saturday, December 31, 2022 to Tuesday, January 3, 2023. Limited reservations and limited quantities.

Oshogatsu Petit Selection

: An assortment of New Year's sweets. It includes roll cake with an image of a kadomatsu, a zodiac sign rabbit, decorations for the New Year, and a tart with an image of a Kagamimochi (mirror-shaped rice cake).

Fujiya Confectionery "New Year Petit Selection

Fujiya Confectionery "New Year Petit Selection

The price is 3,800 yen. On sale from December 30 (Fri.) to January 1 (Sun., holiday).

Peko-chan Otamashimi-Can

: A can with a gorgeous design of Peko-chan and Poco-chan celebrating the start of the year 2023 with a big cake, containing an assortment of popular sweets from the Fujiya family. After eating, the can can be used as a small container for small items. Recommended for family gatherings and New Year's greetings.

Fujiya Confectionery "Peko-chan Otamashimi-Can

[Assortment Contents]
"Home Pie" 10 packages (20 pieces)
"Country Ma'am (Vanilla/Cocoa)" 10 pieces each
"Country Ma'am Chocolate Smeared" 10 pieces
"Mini Heart Chocolate (Peanuts)" 5 pieces
"Almond Chocolate" 5 pieces
"Look (Strawberry/ Almond / Banana / Pineapple)" 5 pieces each

Priced at 3,300 yen (products subject to the standard tax rate of 10%), on sale Wednesday, December 28.

New Year's Day Assortment Gift

An assortment of popular baked sweets from the Fujiya confectionery store in a box designed with Peko-chan dressed as the Chinese zodiac rabbit. This product is perfect for New Year's souvenirs.

Fujiya Confectionery "New Year's Assorted Gifts".

[Assortment Contents]
"Peko Baumkuchen" 2 pieces
"Japanese Chestnut Baumkuchen (Kuma Chestnut from Kumamoto Prefecture)" 2 pieces
"Amao Strawberry milky Baumkuchen" 2 pieces
"Milky's egg" 1 piece
"Setouchi Daicho Lemon Cake" 1 piece

Price is 1,944 yen. On sale Tuesday, December 27, 2011.

Peko-chan bag set (rabbit design):

A tote bag with Peko-chan and her dog dressed as a rabbit printed on it, Peko sable and 2023 calendar "Seasonal Calendar for Living" (with 12 vouchers for Peko-chan no Hoppe).

Peko-chan Bag Set (Rabbit Design)" at Fujiya Confectionery Shop

"Peko Sable (15 pieces)" 1 box
Calendar 2023 "Seasonal Information for Daily Life" (with 12 vouchers for "Peko-chan no Hoppe")
Peko-chan bag (rabbit design)

* Voucher for 1 piece of "Peko-chan no Hoppe" (various types) is The voucher for one "Peko-chan's Hoppo" is attached to each page of each month. The voucher can be used from the 1st of each month until the end of the month.
The calendar is not designed by Peko-chan.

Price: 2,023 yen, available on December 29 (Thursday).

May not be available at all stores, or may be sold out.
Also available at some Fujiya restaurants.
The standard tax rate (10%) will apply to food and beverages at the eat-in space, and the prices listed differ from the tax-included prices.