Bunmeido "Milk Tea Sponge Cake

Bunmeido Limited Time Offer Sp

onge Cake I actually tried the limited time offer "Milk Tea Sponge Cake" sold by Bunmeido. I purchased a 5-slice package priced at 675 yen (tax included). It will be on sale until December.

Milk Tea


Cake "Milk Tea Sponge Cake" is made with Uva tea from Sri Lanka. This sponge cake is delicious not only on its own, but also when heated. The deep taste of tea and milk and the warm and fluffy texture make it perfect for the coming cold season.

Bunmeido "Milk Tea Sponge Cake

You can eat it as it is, but if you go to the trouble, warm it up in the microwave by all means! Place the sponge cake on a plate, cover it with fluffy plastic wrap, and microwave it on 500W for 20 seconds for one or two slices, and 30 seconds for three to five slices. Be careful not to overheat the sponge cake, as it will become hot.

The sponge cake is soft and fluffy! When you put it in your mouth, you can taste the sweet flavor of milk tea. The slight sweetness and aroma is soothing! Enjoy it with black tea, coffee, or green tea!

Bunmeido "Milk Tea Sponge Cake

For those who love tea flavors, the "Milk Tea Sponge Cake" from Bunmeido is a must-try. It is only available for a limited time, so check it out soon if you are interested!