Starbucks "Strawberry & Raspberry Mascarpone Cake".

Starbucks Holiday Season'

s Second Food Starbucks will release its second food for the holiday season on Wednesday, November 30. The theme for this year's holiday season is "Give Joy, Get Joy. The second food menu will offer a variety of items to brighten up the holiday season.

The En-Etsu editorial staff was one of the first to try the "Strawberry & Raspberry Mascarpone Cake," which is one of the most popular items on the menu!

Strawberry & Raspberry Mascarpone


The cake looks gorgeous. The moist cocoa sponge is topped with a sweet and sour berry filling of strawberries and raspberries, a rich and satisfying mascarpone mousse, and a fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth mascarpone cream. The price is 510 yen (tax included).

Starbucks "Strawberry & Raspberry Mascarpone Cake".

The bright red appearance is perfect for Christmas! It can be easily cut with a fork. Despite the impressive appearance, the taste and texture are soft and light. It is not too sweet and leaves no aftertaste. This is a good choice for those who do not usually eat sweets.

Starbucks "Strawberry & Raspberry Mascarpone Cake".

The bitterness of the green tea and the whipped cream are a perfect match, and the "Uji green tea chiffon cake" will add a Christmas touch to the cake! Starbucks "Strawberry & Raspberry Mascarpone Cake" is a great way to enjoy the Christmas spirit. How about this for a holiday treat?