Starbucks "Stollen

Starbucks Holiday

Classic Stollen

Stollen is now available at Starbucks. This holiday classic has been improved to pair with Christmas Blonde Roast (coffee). The packaging is a reusable cloth pouch. The product will be available from November 1 to December 25, 2022. Price: 2,250 yen (tax included). To go only. Ends as soon as they are gone.


Stollen is a traditional German pastry that people start eating one slice of four weeks before Christmas. It is a Starbucks Holiday staple.

Starbucks Stollen is made with a rich, moist dough filled with dried fruits, nuts, and other ingredients and squeezed with marzipan (a sweet bean paste-like mixture of powdered ground almonds, sugar, and egg whites) for an authentic finish. reusable cloth pouch. This year, it features a holiday cup design.

Dried fruits, colorful, lovely cross section! When you put the moist and soft dough in your mouth, a strong aroma of cinnamon spreads softly. The spice is well-spiced and delicious~! The texture & sweetness of the dried fruits accentuate the taste.

Starbucks "Stollen

Pair it with Starbucks Christmas Blonde Roast (coffee), a Starbucks Holiday tradition! We have carefully selected and improved the types and balance of dried fruits and spices, and enjoying them together will bring out the fruity flavor of the coffee and the fruit used in the stollen, creating a festive mood. The richness of the coffee and the texture of the dough are also a perfect match.

Starbucks "Stollen

Starbucks' "Stollen" will bring you into the holiday spirit. They are so popular that they sell out quickly every year. If you see one, be sure to pick one up!