Domino's Pizza "Winter Premium Quattro


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Christmas Special Menu

Domino's Pizza will offer a special Christmas menu from November 28 through January 15, 2023. This year's lineup includes "Winter Premium Quatro" with four flavors in one, "Double Mousse Chocolate & Caramel Gateau", "Premium Roasted Chicken" and "Mozzambele Potatoes".

Domino's Pizza "Winter Premium Quattro

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the "Domino's Pizza Ordering App" will give you a special coupon. After downloading the app, a special coupon for 50% off all pizzas will be delivered to those who have registered as members or logged in for the first time. The coupon can be used for up to two orders.

Winter Premium


"Winter Premium Quattro" is a luxurious pizza that allows you to enjoy four flavors at once: roast beef, roast chicken, smoked salmon, and potato cheese gratin.

Domino's Pizza "Winter Premium Quattro

The four flavors and sauces are as follows
1. char-grilled roast beef & creamy porcini sauce
2. smoked salmon & sour cream dill sauce
3. juicy roast chicken & garlic wine sauce
4. Swiss raclette cheese gratin

Domino's Pizza "Winter Premium Quattro

Delivery price: M size 3,000 yen, R size 3,599 yen, L size 4,200 yen
Take-out half price: M size 1,500 yen, R size 1,799 yen, L size 2,100 yen

Double Mousse Chocolate & Caramel Gateau

Chocolate mousse, caramel mousse and almond Chocolate cake combining chocolate mousse, caramel mousse and almonds. Candied almonds are sandwiched between the chocolate mousse and caramel mousse, giving the cake a unique texture. Gold dust sprinkled on top of the cake adds to the gorgeous Christmas mood.

Double Mousse Chocolate & Caramel Gateau

Take-out/delivery price 1,699 yen (single item price)

Premium Ro

asted Chicken Roasted chicken with five kinds of herbs and spices including rosemary and oregano is an essential part of the Christmas table. Each piece is carefully roasted in the restaurant's ovens after receiving your order.

Premium Roasted Chicken

Take-out/delivery price 799 yen (individual price)

Mozzambele Potatoes

A warm side dish perfect for cold Christmas days, with 100% mozzarella cheese and creamy Camembert sauce overflowing from between the Belgian potatoes. The bacon is intertwined with the potatoes, which are covered with a generous amount of cheese, creating a harmony of salty and creamy flavors.

mozzanbelle potatoes

To-go/delivery price: 799 yen (single item price)