Shiseido Parlor Ginza Main Shop Limited: "Nagasaki "Koi Minori" Tart" in the luxury tart series

Shiseido Parlor Ginza Shop Limited Sweets

The Shiseido Parlor Ginza Shop's "Slightly Luxurious Tart Series" now offers "Nagasaki "Koi Minori" Tart" using Nagasaki strawberries "Koi Minori", which are in season this time of year when you feel the arrival of winter. Minori" tart will be available. The price is 2,500 yen (tax included). It will be on sale from December 1 to December 29.

The "Koi Minori"


, produced in Nagasaki Prefecture, is a brand of strawberry named "Koi Minori" in the hope that your love will come true through strawberries. This limited-time-only tart is filled with "Koi Minori" strawberries, which have a well-balanced flavor of moderate sweetness and sourness, good texture, and strong aroma. Enjoy the harmony of the light creme patissière and rich almond cream.

Refrigerated (not available for delivery). The product will not be on sale during the Christmas period from December 23 to December 25.

Business hours are subject to change. Please check the official website for the latest information.